Even through all of my pain and misery, constant failures and self-hatred, one thing has stayed constant- this blog. Even though I haven’t been writing much of late, many of you have been visiting my blog, reading and commenting and that makes me so happy (a feeling I have not experienced in a long time). I started blogging about mental health over three years ago when I was given the opportunity to create a blog for a classmate’s friend’s publishing company. Although this wasn’t my first blog (when I graduated high school in 2004 I created a sports blog that I kept running through most of my time in college), it was the most important step in my life as it gave me a way to channel my passion for writing while also examining the world of mental health and how my life has been impacted by this illness. I believe I ran that blog for almost a year (I don’t really remember as the last few years are a bit hazy), and during that time I was introduced to the amazing mental health blogging community. When I left planb publishing to start my own blog, a small group of readers came with me. Although I never imagined this blog to be successful or that people would be interested in my life, I was wrong. Not only was I able to grow as a writer, I met so many amazing people and learned a lot about the world of mental health, while also gaining knowledge on how to grow a social network. Overtime my readership increased, slowly at first, but around May 2012 things changed.  A few of my pictures were picked up by google search and a lot of my keywords began driving in readers. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until a few months later as I had been deep in a depressive episode. But when I saw what my blog was doing it changed my life (maybe not all at once, but it gave me a purpose, something that I am only realizing now).

I apologize if this post is self-indulgent, but I am just so amazed at what this blog has become and where it could lead me. If nothing else, maybe my posts will help others to avoid a painful life and give them hope that change and improvement is possible.

Once again I just want to thank all you, my amazing readers for giving me this wonderful gift- a realization that my life is worth living.

I hope this post finds you well and I look forward to future conversations and the continual quest for knowledge and healing.



2 thoughts on “Nearing 70,000 Vistors, Thank you For all of Your Support!!

  1. That’s so wonderful! It is not a negative self-indulgence to be proud of something you have created. Be proud, and rightly so, sharing your experiences and subsequent realisations is such a good thing to do.
    Keep on bloggin’!
    Amor fati 🙂

    1. Thanks Jenny for the words of encouragement!! And I will definitely keep writing and sharing what I’ve been through, where I might go and what it means to deal with mental illness and addiction. It’s just weird to think that I’ve been struggling with mental illness for 21 years (I was diagnosed at the age of 7), which means I fortunately have a lot to say (well I don’t know if it’s fortunate, I haven’t figured that out yet).

      Again thanks for the comment and for stopping by and also I really like the latin phrase you left, it has caused me to ponder my own life and if fate really exists.


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